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This is our FAQ page.

  1. Q: What is SurveyFiesta™? A: SurveyFiesta™ is a tool to create surveys or questionnaires.
  2. Q: How much does SurveyFiesta™ cost? A: SurveyFiesta™ has a tiered pricing model which is both affordable and structured around your likely needs. Large organisations which have more substantial needs will naturally require more advanced features, and vice versa. You can obtain a pricing quote from us on our pricing page, which will be live soon. Gold-tier subscribers can access the full suite of features, silver tier subscribers a slightly reduced set of features, whereas free or basic users can access the most important features only.
  3. Q: How does SurveyFiesta™ differ from competing products? SurveyFiesta™ offers some unique features not offered by competing products, such as map-type survey questions, grid-type survey questions, and advanced logic. Again, depending on your needs, these may require you to have a gold-tier subscription. SurveyFiesta™ is also a Proudly South African product, meaning that by supporting us you are supporting South Africa’s economy.