How it Works

Revolutionize your research initiatives. Administering surveys has never been easier.

Login/Create Account

The first step is to log in or create a new account. You can create an account by completing the online form or using your Facebook or google+ account in order to log in.

Payment Plan

Once you have created or logged into your account the next step is to select a payment plan. We offer three different plans depending on your budget and needs. If you are merely visiting and want to test our platform then the Free plan is for you. The full power of Surveyfiesta® can be unlocked through the Silver and Platinum plans. Our Academic plan boasts some crazy offerings geared at supporting university students in sharpening their research skills.

Create a Custom Survey

Use our survey wizard to create your own survey. Custom surveys are important, and we leave it to you to customize to your heart’s content.


Choose a Template

If you simply want to use an existing template or survey, then dive deep into the library to select one that tickles your fancy. As with Custom Surveys, our templates are fully customizable.

Share your Survey

You have the option of uploading your contact list and using our built-in bulk mailing feature or simply sharing the link to your survey via your own emailing application and Social Media channels. Surveyfiesta® provides the much-needed flexibility of sharing your survey in a variety of ways. Social Media sharing is also possible through the Surveyfiesta® platform. Survey distribution through the Surveyfiesta® platform allows you to monitor progress and issue reminders and other cool features that encourage participation.

Monitoring your Survey

Monitoring your survey’s performance and issuing reminder and other participating triggers is made possible by our administrative tools. These tools can be accessed anytime and on any device.

Survey Analysis

Use our report generator get a quick overview of your research. Reports are downloadable or viewable online. You call the shots!

Support Services

Based on your subscription plan, you have various options to reach our support team. Either way, we will never leave you hanging! Try our FAQ, support videos and QuickStart papers.

Enterprise Solutions

For corporate clients, see our Enterprise Solutions.

Assisted research

Reach out to our research team for those special projects which require guru attention. Our team can help with your full research design and implementation. Simply contact us to get the ball rolling.