SurveyFiesta® Paid Surveys

Earn easy money and access to great rewards!

3 Simple Steps to earning easy money and access to great rewards!

How cha-ching® surveys work

Our market research solutions, or as we call them - Cha-Ching® surveys, comprises paid surveys. We help researchers and companies find participants that meet a desired criterion to take a survey and in the process, participants earn points which can be exchanged for rewards or money! We maintain a rich database of diverse participants who are ready to take surveys and get paid. Cha-ching® paid surveys include features such as reviewing multimedia content (watch a video clip or listen to an audio file, review images etc), then asking a user to complete a survey to provide feedback on the content they’ve just reviewed.

How much will I get paid for taking surveys?

You accumulate Cha-ching points with every survey you take.  Points awarded differ per survey as some surveys are relatively quick to complete while others may require more time.  You can expect to earn anything from 20 to 300 points per survey.  50 Cha-ching points earn you R5.  This means that the maximum cash you can earn is R60 per highest paying survey.   The cash or rewards you earn completely depend on the number of surveys you complete and the amount of time it takes to complete a survey.

Available rewards

You can cash out using paypal or simply exchange your points for rewards. We offer rewards in the form of e-vouchers which include airtime, google play, Uber Eats, App Store and more.  We are constantly expanding our e-voucher partners.  You require a minimum of 280 points to convert your points into cash or rewards.  That’s not all, we also offer product trial studies where you can get your hands on free product for product testing and review!